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 Interview de Tarja à propos de son départ de Nightwish / Tarja's interview after she leave Nightwish

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PostSubject: Interview de Tarja à propos de son départ de Nightwish / Tarja's interview after she leave Nightwish    Sun Jan 02, 2011 10:45 pm

Voici la vidéo de l'interview dans laquelle Tarja s'exprime sur son départ du groupe Nightwish.
Here it is the video in Tarja explain why she leave Nightwish.

J'ai tout d'abords remis la traduction anglaise de la video car je trouve que certains passage de la video vont trop vite puis ensuite j'ai posté la traduction française Wink J'ai essayé de faire la traduction française la plus proche possible du texte anglais mais j'ai tout de même remanié l'ensemble dans un français correct ^^
I first have put the english translation because I think there is moments in the video where the text go too fast and then I have put the french translation Wink I tried to make the best french's translate that I was able to make but I arranged a little it to speak in a correct french ^^

Anglais / English :

but of course the way, how the solution was made ...
... I personally would have acted very differently.
And of that I am very sad and very, very ...
... very sad that they couldn't ...
... s ... sorry ...
... that they couldn't personally tell me their decision ...
... after all these, nine years of beautiful musical experience.
Because I was prepared for that, for that ...
... I won't be with Nightwish after the next album,
I was prepared for that, and I was also prepared
that I will announce it publicly.
But, in a way different than this.
And I will let the band know here, that I feel so bad right now that I can't carry on!
It wasn't a one day's notice time.
in the middle of some fight on an aeroplane when I've threatened and yelled!
"Understand, I could leave this band with a one-day's notice time!"
Every single of our band could have made
the same decision to leave the band with a one day's warning in advance.
But I gave them two and a half years warning in advance.
And that's why I feel so extremely bad ...
... that they ended up with this kind of solution
I truly believe that people would've understood it ...
And I believe that we would achieved the same solution, in a different way.
the reason' why I can say in the bottom of my heart
that Nightwish has always been the priority in my life.
Every one of you knows that I come from classical singing and ...
... and every time I've had the possibility,
I have always trained my voice by taking song lessons,
teaching singing and worked weeks like every one else.
It has been mentally important for me to keep my music style
because I have always loved classical music.
But I really had talked about my solo career thoughts
with the band and in interviews all around the world that
I'm planning this kind of thing and it was already clear to every one
Not just a one solo album, but a solo career.
But I wanted to give my solo career a start
after the next Nightwish album had been released and touring done.
So also in this sense of mind I've thought the Nightwish as a priority.
I was thinking : not until this thing in my life is
over and after that I can focus on something else.
Hence, many record companies that I negotiated with were putting a pressure on me
by reminding that Nightwish will have a vacation year,
so couldn't we do the record I still didn't want to.
I mean it was a clear thing to me that
it's not my way of living to rush in things.
My time with Nightwish was not over yet and I had plans in future.
I wanted to do things because I loved the music.
Although I felt bad, I worked genuine because I had accepted
the bad feelings for so many years.
If we now talk about over nine years, at the time we decided
to make a new album, I knew I would've to last over ten years with the band.
It's a long time !
I have kept Nightwish also as a priority by ...
... not being a "huhhahhei" and give my voice to every heavy band that asked me.
Really, those requests came like a rain from the sky on the worst days.
I would've had a chance to take those offers,
and give my voice also to other heavy bands.
Once, I actually did it, it was a project called "Infinity",
but I noticed that the result didn't please me for singing on their album,
because people were saying all the time :
"Bummer, this song is not Nightwish. These songs are worse than Nightwish's."
or others were saying they were better.
I didn't like people always compared everything to Nightwish.
At that time I thought oh well, this is not my road,
this is not my road ...
As what comes to heavy metal I want to sing for Nightwish.
Only, only for this band ...
although nobody didn't ever even ask me not to go sing with other
successful bands who asked me.
I turned them down on my own free will.
Well ...
then after reading the letter,
after the Hartwall Arena gig,
It was very ...
... I could sense all the pain and anxiety from the letter ...
... and all those things mentioned in the letter ...
... personally I couldn't understand that those people,
who I worked with for nine years could say such things about me.
It was an extrem painful shock for me.
And then there was this part where my husband was referenced ...
It was about cultural differences.
It went something like this :
Cultural differences combined with love, opportunism, blabla ... what was it ...
is a dangerous combination.
You know after reading that, my heart jumped to my throat at that point.
I wasn't even thinking about Marcello at that point,
but the people in South-America.
Oh dear God.
... Cultural differences combined with love and ...
Really I couldn't understand that at all, not at all.
I say that this letter ...
... has proved to me that we haven't been friends and haven't talked.
Their need to handle this issue such a dirty way,
is such a thing, that maybe someday I will ...
... forgive this to the band,
but I will never forget it,
no, that I never forget.
But anyway hey, life goes on.
It's an obvious thing that life goes on along with me and with the band.

Français / French :

mais bien sur la manière, dont la solution a été prise ...
... J'aurais personnellement voulu agir très différemment.
Et de ce fait je suis très triste et très, très ...
... très triste qu'ils n'aient pas pu ....
... d ... désolée ...
... qu'ils n'aient pu me dire personnellement leur décision ...
... après toutes ces neuf années de très belle expérience musicale.
Parce-que j'étais préparée pour cela, pour cela ...
... Je ne serais pas avec Nightwish après le prochain album,
J'étais préparée pour delà, et j'étais aussi préparée
que j'allais devoir l'annoncer publiquement.
Mais d'une manière différente de celle-ci.
Et je vais laisser la bande savoir ici, que je me sens ainsi si mal maintenant que je ne peut continuer !
Ce n'était pas un seul jour de préavis.
au milieu de quelque combat dans un aéroport quand j'ai menacé et hurlé :
" Comprenez, j'aurais pu quitter cette bande avec un jour de préavis !"
Chaque chanteur membre de notre bande aurait pu le faire
la même décision de quitter la bande avec un jour de préavis.
Mais je le leur ai donné deux ans et demi en avance.
Et c'est pourquoi je me sens si mal ...
... Qu'ils aient terminé avec cette sorte de solution.
Je crois vraiment que les gens l'auraient compris ...
Et je crois que nous aurions réalisé la même solution, d'une manière différente.
La raison, pour laquelle je peut dire du fond du cœur
Que Nightwish a toujours été la priorité dans ma vie
Chacun d'entre vous sait que je viens du chant classique et ...
et chaque fois que j'en ai eu la possibilité,
J'ai toujours entrainé ma vois en prenant des leçons de chant,
enseignant le chant et travaillant la semaine comme tout le monde.
Ça a été mentalement important pour moi de garder mon style de musique
parce-que j'ai toujours aimé la musique classique.
Mais j'avais vraiment parlé de mes pensées de carrière solo
Avec la band et en interviews dans le monde entier
Je planifie ce genre de chose et c'était déjà clair pour chacun
Pas juste un seul album solo, mais une carrière solo.
Mais je voulais donner un début à ma carrière solo un début
après que le prochain album de Nightwish ait été sortit et la promotion faite.
Donc aussi dans ce sens d'esprit, j'ai pensé Nightwish comme une priorité.
Je pensais : pas avant que cette partie de ma vie ne soit derrière
et après ça, je peux me concentrer sur autre chose.

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Interview de Tarja à propos de son départ de Nightwish / Tarja's interview after she leave Nightwish
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